[Graduation] The Beginning of a New Journey


How appropriate to start off the celebration with a skit by our own funny Dmitri.IMG_2192

Insightful conversations with the two Reverend monks about end-of-life care.

Dr. Donald Abrams, renowned integrative oncologist.IMG_2185

So proud to see our teachers hosting a Fed Up documentary premiere event.IMG_2272

The leaders of Integrative Medicine: Drs. Hilary McClafferty, Andrew Weil and Victoria Maizes.IMG_2275

Dr. Weil speaking to the graduate class AKA the future leaders of integrative medicine.IMG_2265

Anu giving a thoughtful graduating speech. Her words still vibrates in me until today!IMG_2276

Now we have our walking sticks, we are ready to save (heal) the world!

Me and Akihito from Japan. The only two doctors from Asia.IMG_2256

Pierre from Switzerland.IMG_2255

Friendly fight with Robert. I know I’ll never win a guy wearing kilts.IMG_2257

Best buddy Andy as graduating classmates in Hogwarts.IMG_2262

More uses of the walking stick! So versatile.


Back to where all this started. Dr. Weil’s book got me into integrative medicine many years ago.
1625485_378005215697519_5067270222661951549_nMy tribe, my family. Now we spread our wings and try to do good in this world.


[Tucson] Bear Down


Sunset with the Catalina mountain ranges as silhouette.IMG_2119

The Biosphere 2. A magnificent scientific feat where scientists can learn more about our environment.IMG_2112

The biosphere consists of several gigantic greenhouses, hosting a variety of different climates.


The University of Arizona.IMG_2128

The more artistic part of the school.???????????????????????????????

The more athletic part of the school.???????????????????????????????

As the Arizona Wildcats would say, “Bear Down”!IMG_2147

School cafeteria. Too much fast food in my opinion.IMG_2150

U of A fans would die to get these merchandises.???????????????????????????????

The Cathedral of Saint Augustine.???????????????????????????????

Silent and calm, the cathedral itself gives its visitors a renewed sense of peace at mind.
IMG_2169Andy and Samir hanging around in our special bachelor house.


[Grand Canyon, Sedona and Phoenix] Of Stones and Sunsets


Breathtaking views everywhere! The Grand Canyon is truly an unforgettable experience.???????????????????????????????

Look, I am wiggling my legs on the edge of the cliff!IMG_2039

Seizing the moment for a sunset portrait.

One of the historical ruins in Grand Canyon National Park.


Contrasting colors at the red rock country of Sedona.???????????????????????????????

Sedona is famous for its vortices. Here I am jumping high as ever after a replenishing my energy from one vortex.???????????????????????????????

An odd-looking cathedral surrounded by red rock.

Arizona’s own Casa Grande National Monument. Ruins left by native Americans decades ago.
IMG_2097Beautiful wooden roof against a deep blue sky.
IMG_2098Walking around the historical blocks in Scottsdale.

How high can I go?


A newly built cancer center with a strong Integrative Medicine presence.


The Lake Mead recreation area en route to Tucson.


Hoover Dam.


[San Diego] Have A Sunny Day


The Marina Bay. Venue of the Motivational Interviewing Advance Course.IMG_1983

It is impossible to not fall in love with this view.


My rental car parked beside the ocean. Too bad I did not bring my swim suit that day.IMG_1986

I love these big trees by the bay.IMG_1959

Everyone is acting like it’s summer when in reality this is October!IMG_1988

Sunset, and dawn breaks at the other side of the world. IMG_1946

Beautiful architecture seen in the San Diego Park.IMG_1984

The off-white of the statue bears contrast with the fluorescent blue sky.???????????????????????????????

In memory of the fallen.IMG_1941

Scripps Center, a leader in integrative healthcare.

Scripps prove their commitment to fitness by their Olympic size fitness pool.


[Minnesota] Mid-western Hospitality


Waterfalls upon a romantic autumn setting in Minnehaha Park.IMG_1782

The pride of Minneapolis, old mills and decades of development.IMG_1870

Skyways fill the city. You’ll never need to brave the cold.IMG_1873

Just one of the indoor office/department store within the skyways.

A very calm looking puppy at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


Who would ever guess that I’d stumble upon Malaysian food in Minnesota.IMG_1859

Lots to celebrate. Too much food!IMG_1838

My host Henry and me going from one restaurant to another each night. I think we have visited all the best ones in Rochester.IMG_1795

The majestic lobby of Mayo Clinic during a peaceful Sunday afternoon.IMG_1798

Here’s how an ambulance looks like many years ago.IMG_1849

Some of the staff from the Department of Integrative Medicine in Mayo.IMG_1831

Me giving a grand round presentation. I regard myself as Tzu Chi’s and Taiwan’s goodwill ambassador, hehe!IMG_1835

The very generous and always humorous Dr. Brent Bauer, the director of the Department of Integrative Medicine.IMG_1854

Dr. Amit Sood, founder of the SMART program for stress-free living.
IMG_1811Alex Do, the acupuncturist who spent time with me discussing about good local Asian eateries (and also about Chinese Medicine, of course).