[Flam, Sognefjord] White Wonderland

2015-06-13 21.23.19

On board the scenic train ride from Oslo to Flam


This friendly train conductor lady has been traveling the same route for 20 years!

2015-06-13 10.30.55

Into a white wonderland where the snow never melts even in summer


It is freezing out there

2015-06-13 12.14.56

The tiny train carriage from Myrdal to Flam


The elves were dancing by the waterfalls


Time for some contemplation


Killing some time in Flam


All the great jumpers are here


Relaxing after the jump

2015-06-13 14.31.43

Panoramic view of Flam’s port



Fjord cruise ship~


Fellow Malaysian travelers



The ship stops at quite a few quaint little seaside villages


(Some photos courtesy of Eric Chen)


[Oslo] Hi Hi City

2015-06-11 10.13.07

Exploring Oslo on bikes

What do you want from me?DSC_0529

Chinese kungfu. Look at the faces behind us.DSC_0532

Large cruise ship docking near the old fortress

The Holmenkollen Ski ParkDSC_0599 DSC_0618 DSC_0636

The art of imitating artDSC_0644

The art of imitating art – how to pose like a statueDSC_0645

The art of imitating art – how to pose like a statue – Duo version
2015-06-11 10.33.20

Akershus fortress
2015-06-11 11.55.40

Grocery shopping – Oslo style
2015-06-11 17.29.12 2015-06-11 17.39.50 2015-06-11 18.42.29 2015-06-11 20.53.00

Jackson explaining the proper way of making a cheese and jam cracker2015-06-11 23.10.13

First night out on the balcony2015-06-12 19.35.08

More visitors. Meals cooked the Malaysian-Norwegian way.2015-06-13 05.01.31 2015-06-13 05.02.13Celebrating my Aunt’s birthday

(Some photos courtesy of Eric Chen)


[Oslo] How lucky?

I HAVE ALWAYS CONSIDERED MYSELF TO BE THE LUCKY FEW. Financially sound doing a job that I am passionate for, surrounded with like-minded colleagues that are genuinely kind, and having the constant companionship of my loved ones. When I started medical school, never would I know that one of the perks of being a doctor is to have free oversea trips several times a year. If you could somehow combine your clinical research expertise and the thirst for free travel, the world is your oyster.
Lucky me. My research got me a poster presentation in one of the most priciest and yet beautiful countries in the world – Norway. The Nordic countries consists of natural wonders that I’ve only dreamed of because of its high cost of travel. Having full sponsorship gives me the opportunity to travel without worrying too much of going broke. This, and the fact that my best buddy Eric and my sister Connie is also coming along, my trip to Norway is what a grown child could ever wish for.
Team Dalin – Ready for the conference!
A Taiwanese souvenir for all delegates attending the Green Hospital pre-conference
My poster presentation
Explaining my research to our Czech colleagues who lost their poster on their flight, poor thing!
A traditional choir performing live during the conference
ANOTHER LUCKY THING IS THAT I HAVE A COUSIN BROTHER, JACKSON, WHO WORKS AS DOCTOR IN OSLO, NORWAY. We will be meeting him, his mother and her friends for a brilliantly planned trip. The problem with having someone doing all the planning is that our lazy selves would not need to study or know our itineraries. Even at the airport, me and Eric agreed that we are still not in the “tourist mentality”.
The travellers’ mood started once we’ve landed in Oslo. The Norwegian signboards left us running in circles filled with confusion. Then, my credit card and ATM cards cannot be used, and I was temporarily broke. The food prices are unbelievably high when converted back to Taiwanese Dollars. A Coke for the price of a full course meal at home? Damn, I am going to go bankrupt! The train tickets printed in Norwegian ain’t helping much with our gradual transition into this country,
Alas, we did manage to meet my aunt at our designated Burger King place (even without a mobile number or internet service), and went off to drop our bags at Jackson’s new apartment.
2015-06-10 17.08.09
Me, Eric and my aunt Swan in front of my cousin brother’s apartment

2015-06-10 13.56.08This is where we will be sleeping
2015-06-10 13.54.50

This is where I rather be sleeping
LATER, WE LEARNED FROM JACKSON THAT OSLO’S BEST CHEAP EATS ARE FOUND IN ASIAN RESTAURANTS. Just a few hours after my first visit to Northern Europe, we are already taking our first dinner at Little Saigon 1, a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Oslo’s city centre. Walking back with our tummies filled, we were tricked by the midnight sun, still bright at 10PM.
While I tried to sleep with my eye mask on, I continued to remind myself how I lucky I am. It is weird to meet my relatives so far away from home, and to get to experience Jackson’s way of life in person. Other than the outrageous food costs, Norway is starting to warm up to me. There’s no way not to get cozy when you have 7 people sleeping in a one-bedroom apartment.
Vietnamese feast in Norway, how lucky am I?

[Graduation] The Beginning of a New Journey


How appropriate to start off the celebration with a skit by our own funny Dmitri.IMG_2192

Insightful conversations with the two Reverend monks about end-of-life care.

Dr. Donald Abrams, renowned integrative oncologist.IMG_2185

So proud to see our teachers hosting a Fed Up documentary premiere event.IMG_2272

The leaders of Integrative Medicine: Drs. Hilary McClafferty, Andrew Weil and Victoria Maizes.IMG_2275

Dr. Weil speaking to the graduate class AKA the future leaders of integrative medicine.IMG_2265

Anu giving a thoughtful graduating speech. Her words still vibrates in me until today!IMG_2276

Now we have our walking sticks, we are ready to save (heal) the world!

Me and Akihito from Japan. The only two doctors from Asia.IMG_2256

Pierre from Switzerland.IMG_2255

Friendly fight with Robert. I know I’ll never win a guy wearing kilts.IMG_2257

Best buddy Andy as graduating classmates in Hogwarts.IMG_2262

More uses of the walking stick! So versatile.


Back to where all this started. Dr. Weil’s book got me into integrative medicine many years ago.
1625485_378005215697519_5067270222661951549_nMy tribe, my family. Now we spread our wings and try to do good in this world.


[Tucson] Bear Down


Sunset with the Catalina mountain ranges as silhouette.IMG_2119

The Biosphere 2. A magnificent scientific feat where scientists can learn more about our environment.IMG_2112

The biosphere consists of several gigantic greenhouses, hosting a variety of different climates.


The University of Arizona.IMG_2128

The more artistic part of the school.???????????????????????????????

The more athletic part of the school.???????????????????????????????

As the Arizona Wildcats would say, “Bear Down”!IMG_2147

School cafeteria. Too much fast food in my opinion.IMG_2150

U of A fans would die to get these merchandises.???????????????????????????????

The Cathedral of Saint Augustine.???????????????????????????????

Silent and calm, the cathedral itself gives its visitors a renewed sense of peace at mind.
IMG_2169Andy and Samir hanging around in our special bachelor house.